Bulleh Shah Us Nal Yari Kadi Na Liyo,

Baba-Bulleh-Shahs-Punjapi-Poetry-Bulleh-Shah-uss-naal-yaari-kadi-na-laiyo-Sufi-kalam-of-Baba-Bulleh-ShahBulleh Shah Us Nal Yari Kadi Na Liyo,

Jis Nu Apnay Tay Ghroor Hovay

Buray Raste Kadi Na Jayo,

Chahy Kani Wi Manzal Door Hovay

Rah Janday Nu Dill Na Diyo,

Chahy Lakh Mounh Te Noor Hovy

Pyar Sirf Othay Kario,

Jithay Pyar Nibahwan Da Dastoor Hovay…..

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