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Day and Night

Day and Night, A lovely sight, Made by God, He has thought, For His creature, That , He want nature, Day for work, Night for rest, East to West, Day and Night; Dark and light, Made by God; Sky is high, Its not a lie, Made by God; Day and Night, A lovely sight

Love or Lust

What Is Going On What Is Their To Do Is This Another Joke Or Do You Really Care What Is Happening What Is Going On Is This Able To Happen All The Love In The Air Is This Really Love Or Is It Another

Love Poetry in English

The Missing Treasure Of This Sinking Vessel On The Seafloor, Where It Would Nestle Against The Base For Years It’d Lay Patiently Waiting For That Special Day When I Would Come To Claim My Prize Hoping The Chest To My Surprise Would Hold The

Heartfelt Kiss

Snow-white swans sing softly, Rose petals blooming in the air. One smile from you melts me, Basking in nature, the perfect pair. Arms wrapped around my neck, Hands resting upon your waist. Staring into the eyes of heaven, Breathless as I caress your face.

Best Love Poem

We invest to much into three little words “I Love You” sends a shocking body surge The chemistry is something thats be unheard…. When I look into your eyes; I sense the comfort and warmth I’ve Longed for, to the point I can hardly

Love For Sale

I Saw Something In A Catalog Something I Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Wanted So I Saved Up And I Scrapped Up And I Bought It It Took Some Time In Coming Six To Eight Weeks It Finally Came And I Took

English Poem

Me And You And The Memories We Made Our Endless Conversations And Pointless Little Fights The Long Summer Days And Cold Winter Nights The Old Oak Tree Still Stands And Our Initials Are There Have You Gone Back? Because I Sure Have The Walks

Funny Poem in English

How Simple To Be Happy Here In Heaven! After All, One Doesn’t Want For Much. Passion Finds Its Willing Partner, Ever Pleased To Please With A Deft And Tender Touch. Yearning Is Like Walking Through A Valley Veiled In The Loveliness Of Flowers. All