Friendship Poems in English

She looks like she stole the stars right from the skies-
And sewed them into the pupils of her gorgeous eyes,
She blinks with insecurity but with amazement too,
This pretty little girl just doesn’t have even a clue.

Her pretty little voice flutters the inside of my heart,
It makes me want to shield her from everything,
And beat anyone up who comes across her path,
So anyone reading this, beware of dog, is the sign.

She lifts up the souls to everyone she talks too,
Because she has the magical power, that I want,
But I can’t have because she is a one of a kind,
With a special heart that no one else can ever have.

She lives in a very evil town in the state of Nebraska,
Where the people just don’t give a hoot about anything,
They just stop and stare, but they don’t go anywhere,
Followers is what I’d like to call them, who knows.

She lives in an evil little house, where snakey lives,
She too, doesn’t give a smudge about life itself,
Thank god she had a daughter, because I’d fail;
I’d fail majorly in life without this special person.

Ever since I’ve known her, she has always amazed me,
She keeps my imagination running and rolling along,
She makes sure my chin is up and looking forward,
Strong as steel even though we have our moments.

If I lived there with her, no one would ever hurt her,
Because I’d stomp on the faces who dared to even try,
And bet me on anything, because that is no lie,
She is like my daughter, and I love her so dang much.

I’d give her my last bite of food, and last drink to drink,
I’d give her my shoes if she didn’t have any to wear,
I’d give her my pen, if she came to school unprepared,
And most of all, I’d give her my last breath.

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