Happy Mother’s Day to my dear daughter

Happy Mother’s Day to my dear daughter:
A mother, too, and yet my baby still!
Praised be the love that lasts, and always will,
Perched like a star above the windswept weather!
Years pass like clouds beneath the things that matter.
Mothers grasp the grace within the fill,
Older than the stars themselves, that spill
Towards eyes whose tears supply the maelstrom’s waters.
How lucky we, to share it in our bones!
Each a mother, holding what will prove
Redemption’s gift, too dear to be redeemed
‘Ere time renew the miracle again.
So may you, some Mother’s Day, your own
Daughter, now a mother, send such love,
Alive to more emotion than you dreamed,
Yet far beyond the realm of joy and pain.

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