Love Poems in English

Your words vibrate through my soul
Awakenings and racing thoughts on the go
My heart has been hit
You need to know

My friends flash warnings
Love and concern casts their doubts
How could I know
They steer me away

In the shadows I stay
Not letting go
My mind has lost control
I just don’t know

Ulterior motives
Player on the move
All possibilities
What do I have to lose

I voice my fears
Heart already shakes and quivers
You listen and feel
“Patience” you reveal

I’m scared
I’m excited
I’m anxious
I’m delighted

Emotions unlocked
I let you in
Feelings enhanced
There’s no return

Your words sing to me
Time soars by
I’m entranced by you
Pure laughter and joy

I feel a great loss
When we’re unable to talk
I can never get enough
You’ve become a part of me

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