Friendship Text Messages Poems

The queen of hearts between the Jack and the King
Is wondering if its better to be in a fling
Than to be in love with somebody that’s new
Who brings feelings to her like so very few.

The queen is playing dirty, with her heart in a knot
And she can’t make a decision because it’s just too hot
The consequences are harsh, but she knows its right
To leave the Jack for the King and start a big fight.

She’s eyeing and spying, waiting for a good time
To tell the Jack about the King that is dying to shine
And take his spot in the deck as the one true lover
Who the Queen needs to feel somebody loves her.

I’m waiting around, as the joker of the deck
Whom nobody listens to, but what the heck
My heart is in the place that is truly right
And I’m ready to take on any little fight.

When the deed is done, I’ll be sleeping fine
Because I’ve known what is right all the time.
To play chess with two hearts and win
Is as wrong as a fish with no fins.

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