Happy Mother’s Day to my darling wife

Happy Mother’s Day to my darling wife!
All my love to you this special day!
Pleased to have you perched upon my life;
Pleased to feel your passion in our play!
You are the muse of my else bloodless song,
Mother of my evening and my moon,
Of all the Earth, the place where I belong,
Trellis on which my frail emotions bloom.
How might I bring you basketfulls of beauty,
Eliciting the smile I would see,
Reflecting in the midst of drudge and duty,
‘Twixt world and woe the simple fact of we.
So might my love be all you need to know
Deep within our long-lived afterglow,
A certitude on which your joy might rest,
Yearning for the life with which we’re blessed.

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