Nasir Poetry – Niyat-e-Shoq Bher Na Jaye

Niyat-e-Shoq Bher Na Jaye Kaheen
Tu Bhi Dil Se Uter Na Jaye Kaheen

Aaj Daikha Hai Tujh Ko Dair K Baad
Aaj Ka Din Bhi Guzer Na Jaye Kaheen

Na Mila Ker Udaas Logon Se
Husn Tera Bikher Na Jaye Kaheen

Aarzo Hai K Tu Yahan Aaye
Aur Phir Umer Bher Na Jaye Kaheen

Aao Kuch Dair Ro Hi Lain Nasir
Phir Yeh Derya Uter Na Jaye Kaheen

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